What We’re Looking For


Circular Food Economy

How might we design the food we eat to minimize the waste created in the process?

Solutions may include:

  • Upcycled products and ingredients

  • Regenerative agriculture

  • Minimally processed and unprocessed foods

  • Conscious consumer education

  • Eco-friendly packaging solutions


Meal Solutions

How might we create flexible and personalized solutions that help people maintain a healthy diet that is both delicious and convenient?

Solutions may include:

  • Mediterranean meals

  • Personalized meal kits

  • Meal delivery

  • Subscription services

  • International flavors

  • Nutrition-based software applications

  • Kitchen technology

Healthy Snacking bowls.jpeg

Healthy Snacking

How might we create products that are healthy, fully nutritious, and accessible to eaters at any time of the day?

Solutions may include:

  • Alternative ingredients

  • Personalized nutrition

  • Specialized diets (keto, paleo, gluten-free)

  • Beverages

  • Plant-based

  • Clean-label products

Are you working on a solution in the focus areas but is not listed above?

Apply anyways, and tell us how you’re changing the food system.


What to Expect

Initial Assessment

Once selected, you will meet with Barilla’s team to get to know each other, identify your main challenges and the areas that are most ripe for collaboration.

Ways Forward

You and Barilla will set goals for the upcoming 8 weeks, brainstorm solutions and plan your 1-week stay at the Barilla HQ and pilot plant in Parma, Italy.

Innovation in Italy

In Parma, you will experiment, test, and prototype with Barilla’s team based on your desired outcomes. You’ll meet with Barilla’s executive leadership team and collaborate on accelerating your product or solution.

Continued Collaboration

Ongoing technical support, co-branded products, and investment are all opportunities for future collaboration with Barilla. At the end of the Good Food Maker program, both parties will decide if they want to continue working together.


Problems You’ll Solve

Product Development

  • Ingredient validation

  • Ingredient sourcing

  • Package design and engineering

  • Nutritional value assessment

  • Benchtop prototyping

  • New product applications

  • Shelf life analysis

  • Sensory testing


  • Sustainability life cycle assessment

  • Supply chain management

  • Process engineering

  • Industrial scale-up equipment


  • Brand identity

  • Copy writing

  • Graphic design

  • Market analysis

  • Consumer insights with Nielsen reports

  • Go-to-market strategy

Regulatory & Food Safety

  • FDA, USDA regulations and claims

  • Food safety review

  • Microbiological testing

  • Chemical analysis