About the Program

+ What is Good Food Makers?

Good Food Makers is an opportunity to collaborate with Barilla, one of the world’s leading food brands, to work on one of three significant food challenges: Circular Food Economy, Healthy Snacking, and Personalized Meal Solutions. In a collaborative 8-week program with 1-week in residence at Barilla HQ in Parma Italy, you will work together to solve technical issues, dream up new ideas, and perhaps develop a long-term strategic relationship with Barilla.

+ Why is BLU1877 doing this?

BLU1877 (Barilla’s corporate venture fund) wants to create food that is good for you and good for the planet. In order to achieve this goal and work towards a more sustainable food system, we need to collaborate with the innovators of our time - startups. Barilla openly extends their expertise in manufacturing, R&D, supply chain, and commercialization to help startups accelerate their ideas and solutions and work toward a more sustainable future together.

+ What is KitchenTown's role in the program?

KitchenTown has been helping Barilla identify important solutions in food for the past three years. By connecting startups with legacy food brands like Barilla, we hope to create a shared knowledge economy where startups and legacy food brands drive impact in our food system together.

+ Where is the program located?

1 week or more of the program will be at Barilla’s pilot plant and testing facility in Parma, Italy. The remaining 7 weeks will be a remote collaboration.

+ How long is the program?

The program is 8 weeks in total with an open door to future collaboration opportunities. At the end of 8 weeks, both parties will determine if they want to continue the relationship.

+ When will the program take place?

Good Food Makers will take place in February and March 2020, exact dates TBD based in part on participant schedules.

+ Is there any cost to participate?

The program does not cost money or equity to participate. Your flight and accommodations in Parma, Italy will be covered by Barilla. If necessary, you may be required to ship your ingredients to the pilot plant.

+ Does my company receive an investment or financial compensation?

There is no financial compensation or investment as part of this program.

+ Does my company need to have an interest in making pasta?

No. Barilla is the world's largest pasta maker, but their expertise expands well beyond pasta. They have large scale manufacturing, development, and marketing capabilities in baking, sauces, snacks, and more.


About the Application

+ When can I apply to Good Food Makers?

Applications are open now. The application deadline is Monday, November 11, 2019.

+ How do I apply?

Apply online here!

+ When will I find out if I am chosen for the program?

We will notify all applicants of their application status on or before Jan. 13, 2020.